Jimi Varner

For nearly 25 years, Jimi has been an American Council on Exercise (ACE)-Certified Personal Trainer. ACE-Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant. Precision Nutrition Coach. Published authored of several books on Fitness, Nutrition, Goal Setting, and Mindset.

My Weight Loss Journey

Growing up, I was a heavier, or 'husky' youth. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, struggled with food addiction, trying for years to control my eating habits. I was able to overcome this challenge, and can help you too.

Training Experience

In my nearly quarter century career, I have worked with anyone and everyone from young children, busy professionals, Olympic athletes, and professional athletes alike. I was featured in 2 seasons of MTV's "I Used to be Fat" as well as a local consultant for NBC's "The Biggest Loser"

Professional Wrestler

From 1994 - 2000, I was a full-time Professional Wrestler. Under the ring name, "Jimi V", I was fortunate enough to live my childhood dreams, becoming one of the most exciting, high-flying up and comers, with highlights landing me on WWE Monday Night Raw.